The Plan

Trinity is currently implementing its strategy to acquire distressed hotel assets in North America. The market has drastically changed, and market trends are opening opportunities that Trinity is strategically placed to take advantage of.

As a “never seen before” issue faces the industry, hoteliers with focused acquisition, renovation, and management teams are specifically able to take advantage of the cash and credit shortage facing the sector.

We are developing an equity fund of approximately $25M which will allow us to leverage this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. While the company has cash in place, we plan to increase the number of hotels purchased by partnering with outside interested parties who share this same vision. We will use our existing pipeline and our unique Value-Added Model to capitalize on the industry’s current cash and credit crisis. We endeavor to feature cash flowing assets and capital appreciation in a flow through tax efficient model.

Our Value Added Model

We work with proven internationally branded assets and we are pre-approved to manage all major hotel brands. This means we have the access and flexibility to utilize these brands as needed and where appropriate. Successful brands have the processes in place to accurately implement operational guidelines, track client experiences, and provide predictable outcomes for the management teams. This provides peace of mind and enables the investor to predict and understand management’s decisions.

The Plan

Why We Are Successful

The management team has been involved with purchasing and selling over $500M of value-add properties. Management employs over 1,100 people and operates in three countries. Recognition includes Marriott Developer of the Year, IHG Developer of the Year, and “One of the Top Hoteliers in Canada” in Hotelier Magazine, as well as being pre-approved to manage all major brands.

Why Hotels

• Area of specialization
• High barriers to entry
• Sector diversification
• Franchise business
• Cash flowing real estate

Why Franchises

• Dominates retail spending
• Better performance in downturns
• Millions of loyal customers
• Brand guides operations
• Predictability for customers
• Predictability for investors

What We Can Do

Trinity Hotels is implementing it’s strategy to acquire numerous distressed hotel assets in North America, by developing an equity fund of approximately $25M.

By taking advantage of its existing in house procurement team and Value-Added Model, Trinity Hotels is in a unique position to capitalize on the industry’s current cash and credit crises.
How We Do It

Trinity is privy to many off book opportunities and can quickly deploy capital on newly identified assets within 30 days. The principals of Trinity will hold a minimum 15% ownership interest of all acquisitions made by Trinity to ensure investor alignment

Trinity intends to grow the Fund to approximately $85M of assets.